Dress to impress?

Do you have a hard time figuring out what to wear around a cruise ship? All cruise lines have dress codes for you to follow, and what you wear depends on the weather, the cruise line and the passengers you’re cruising with. After all, you don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb or get told off by the maitre d’. But there are first-time cruisers who don’t know what to expect from a cruise, so how can you blend in with experienced cruisers?

Here are a few tips:

1. Check the weather

The ports you visit might have two (or more) different climates, so check out the weather forecasts before you hop on board and pack accordingly. You should be prepared for all types of weather.

2. Ask someone who has cruised with the line before

Do you know a seasoned cruiser? A friend should be able to tell you which clothes to take on for a cruise and which clothes are appropriate for different meals or events on board. They might even help you pack your bags!

3. Go to the cruise line’s official website

Help is only a click away when you visit the cruise line’s website. Look for the FAQs and the “Before cruising”, “New to cruising”, or “Get ready for your cruise” sections so you can read guidelines on different attires that are preferred on a ship. If you don’t know the difference between, say “resort wear” and “casual wear”, all of the clothing items are sometimes listed for you.

4. Join the online community

You can register on the cruise line’s website and look up forum topics relating to dress codes. Loyal cruise fans are always helpful in giving advice to new cruisers in a non-judgmental environment. You can even log on to a cruise line’s Facebook page and head onto the discussions page or just ask questions on the Wall. Go ahead and ask away!

No matter what ship you’re cruising with, there is always someone there to help you, even in the clothing department. So dress like you’ve been cruising before and your confidence will carry you through your cruise!

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