APT Magnificent Europe River Cruise

In March I embarked on the ‘trip of a lifetime’, an APT Magnificent Europe river cruise. We began the voyage in Amsterdam, I was quickly checked in and then escorted … Continue reading →

Dress to impress?

Do you have a hard time figuring out what to wear around a cruise ship? All cruise lines have dress codes for you to follow, and what you wear depends … Continue reading →

Cruise ships at the bottleneck

Models of old ships in glass bottles have always been a fascination to me. Maybe that’s why they spring to mind when I consider Australia’s cruise industry. According to the … Continue reading →

Waves on the Waterways

“I don’t think I would like a river cruise,” my grandma said to me a few weeks ago. It didn’t go down well. You see, humble Nan has never been … Continue reading →

Cruising controversy

The day much of the Sydney cruise industry has been dreading is about to arrive: the White Bay Cruise Passenger Terminal has the tick of approval and construction will possibly … Continue reading →

Cruise ship or theme park?

Is it just me or is a ship not just a ship anymore? Like the humble mobile phone, which is now also a camera, video camera, computer, arcade game, iPod … Continue reading →

Top photo tips for your next cruise!

Have you ever returned from a cruise, or any memorable holiday really, and looked back over your thousands of photos to find them all cheesy grins? Or shots of the … Continue reading →

Each To Their Own

What do food and wine, the Melbourne Cup, golf, Star Wars and nudists have in common? All have cruises dedicated to them! “Will I like cruising?” is a commonly asked … Continue reading →

The Great Suite Divide

Once upon a time (think of the film, Titanic) cruise ships were strictly class-segregated with the wealthy guests set apart from mixing with poorer passengers. Is the great divide creeping … Continue reading →

All-inclusive cruising – the way of the future?

By now, you’ve probably heard the ever-present line ‘all-inclusive cruise holiday’, and if you are lucky enough to have cruised on a ship that really was all-inclusive, you’ll know that … Continue reading →